Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of NursingStriving to develop nursing professionals trusted by the people they serve

The nursing profession encompasses the professions of public health nurse, midwife and registered nurse. Over the years, it has become more difficult to maintain and improve people's level of health due to health-care related changes in society, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and growth in lifestyle-related diseases.
This faculty aims to impart proven knowledge and techniques relating to nursing, and cultivate "kind and smart" nurses who provide outstanding care to the sick, children, elderly and working people.

Faculty of Nursing Admission Policy

The Faculty of Nursing aims to produce "kind and smart" nursing professionals, equipped with practical skills based on specialized knowledge and technology relating to nursing, as well as thoughtfulness and a rich sense of humanity.
Therefore, we accept students and who appreciate the dignity of life and individual rights, who have a great deal of empathy and a strong set of ethics, and who wish to make a contribution in the fields of health, medicine or welfare.

Department of Nursing

Department of NursingDeveloping nursing professionals who learn and continue to grow throughout their lives

Diversification of medical needs and the increasingly sophisticated technologies in medical settings have made it necessary for nurses to have higher level knowledge, skills and judgment than ever before.
The objective of this department is to cultivate "kind and smart" nurses, with practical skills grounded in solid education, thoughtfulness, and a rich sense of humanity.

Degree Bachelor of Nursing

Main Classes

First year Structure and Function of the Body, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Introduction to Health Science, Public Health, Introduction to Nursing Science, Methods of Support for Living Activities, Field Training
Second year Introduction to Adult Nursing, Introduction to Geriatric Nursing, Introduction to Home Nursing, Introduction to Psychiatric Nursing, Introduction to Pediatric Nursing, Introduction to Maternal Nursing, Nosography, Support Methods for Treatment Processes, Basic Nursing Training
Third year Disaster/Emergency Nursing, Nursing Ethics, Nursing Management, Theory of Life Habits, Pediatric Nursing Training, Maternal Nursing Training, Adult/Geriatric Nursing Training
Fourth year Nursing Research, Applied Nursing Techniques, General Training

Paths after Graduation

Those who pass a national examination for public health nurses, midwives or nurses apply for a license, and then can work in their respective occupations. Graduates who acquire a teacher's license can work in the teaching profession after passing the teaching staff examination.

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